Dear America, It’s Time To Stop Calling Donald Trump ‘President’..

A president tasks himself or herself to lead a nation as a whole, undivided − and this man chooses to villainize huge swathes of it instead.
Be that as it may be.

The greatest threat to the society of my generation will somehow not be the insane 9/11 terrorists but a delusional jackass in a power suit. I’m not going to tell my grandchildren that I defeated an occupying army but that I conquered trolls and bots. I’m never going to hear about the danger in movie reels or newspaper cartoons through tweets and hashtags. I guess it is going to be walls instead of internment camps.

Rest assured, however, the challenge we face is no different from any great war in American history Another power abuser with an odd face and weirder voice believes if he talks loud enough, and frequently enough, that a country will be his. That is not in black and white except in this case. This is in the GIF and in gif. And it is not a different country: it is ours. And instead of bombs and bullets, the fights of this war will be fought with propaganda, disinformation, and disillusionment. It’s the sort of mad war that instigates fake wars to distract from the actual war.

It’s a bad screenplay, but it’s our screenplay, and we need to make it live and survive.
But before we throw words like “tyranny” or “dictator” around juicy Jeopardy, let’s first frame this as it really is, Which is not yet high-trait financial, cybercrime, and everything else will come to roost one day, I promise, pinky-swear: no, right now it’s that dumb cartoon where the captain on a sinking ship cut from cannon fodder to Swiss cheese runs frantically around, preventing one leak only to see another sprout up. And one thing is true…

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